Today marks the day that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first South American ever and the first non-European in over 1200 years to ascend to the Chair of St. Peter
441 years ago, Pope Gregory XIII introduced what came to be known as the Gregorian Calendar, by which nearly all of the world now marks its days
Pope St. Pius V was born on this day in 1504, before becoming a pivotal figure of the Renaissance and Christian Civilization, and later the first…
Also: A pope who was first an antipope, and Ike meets Good Pope John
The 21st ecumenical council of the Catholic Church began on this date in 1962 and would continue through four sessions until its closing in 1965
One of the saddest days in recent papal history, and the pope may have known about it all along
A birth, a death, an election, and Pope John Paul I's only ad limina visit...from a group of American bishops, no less
September 14 is a busy day for papal history...
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